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Work Injury Treatment in Tacoma, WA

Work injuries are defined as problems arising because of the damage to the body or internal organs due to occupation-related trauma, and are usually compensated by an employer. In Tacoma, chiropractic care for workplace injury helps deal with these issues in a cost-effective, all-natural way. The quick recovery with the aid of a work injury chiropractor decreases the duration of work leave and reduces loss.

How can chiropractic treat a work injury?

The spine is continuously exposed to some pressure, whatever the job of the individual is. Poor posture adds further to stress on the spinal musculature and surrounding tissues. These factors contribute to the back and neck injury resulting in pain, stiffness, and mobility issues.

Dr. Bradley Eyford restores the spine’s maligned structures to their position by manipulating the spine and mobilizing joints. The gentle traction, stretching, and exercising resolve these symptoms, and the patient feels better. Besides, the Tacoma chiropractor in The Health Connection may also suggest lifestyle modifications and dietary supplements to reduce the risk of further injuries in the future.


Lower back pain due to work injury

Lower back pain is one of the most frequent complaints arising due to work injuries and chiropractic care can help provide relief. The lower back area of the spine is known as the lumbar spine, and it is the weight-bearing area; therefore, it is more prone to injury. The most common causes are strain and sprain that accumulate over time and result in either spinal subluxation, sciatic nerve leg pain or a herniation. The resultant irritation and subsequent damage to the nerve cause severe pain in the lower back that affects mobility and the quality of life. Back pain chiropractic  care deals with this issue.

Neck pain due to work injury

Malpositioning of the neck, carrying heavy loads, and whiplash injury are some reasons that can cause a muscle spasm, stiffness,headache, shoulder pain and other neuromuscular issues, resulting in neck pain. The close association of the head and shoulders with the neck muscles affect these too. Work-related stress is another crucial reason behind the tightness of the neck muscles and headaches.

Neck pain chiropractor performs pressure point massage and spinal mobilization to alleviate these. For whiplash injury, the help of a car accident chiropractor is beneficial.

 A severe accidental blow to the head due to occupational trauma can cause vertebral fractures, cervical dislocation, and more severe complications, resulting in pain.

Other symptoms of work injury

Besides backache and neck pain, a work injury can cause damage to other parts of the body. Some examples are:

  • The repetitive motion of the hands, such as in playing the piano, chopping with a knife, or typing on a computer, causes carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.
  • The fall of a heavy object leads to penetrating injuries and more severe damage.
  • Fall from height causes concussion injury, severe brain trauma, and fractures.

How The Health Connection Can Help in Work Injury in Tacoma, WA

In Tacoma, The Health Connection is the top chiropractic clinic offering treatment for workplace injuries. We have a team of highly experienced and well-known doctors, and helping staff in Tacoma, working with dedication and motivation to help the patients.

Dr. Bradley Eyford, having experience of over ten years, is one of the highly-rated chiropractors in Tacoma who specializes in the management of occupational trauma.

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