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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Dr. Bradley Eyford DC and Dr. Dena Marie Terranova DC

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

The journey through pregnancy is the most challenging yet most beautiful period of a woman’s life. Many physiologic changes occur in the maternal body during pregnancy to provide the growing fetus a suitable and favorable environment to develop.

The hormonal changes increase the laxity of joints and loosen the ligaments. Additionally, the growing fetus’s load is all factors that can increase the risk of spinal events during pregnancy.

With advancing gestational age, the baby’s inappropriate position and prolonged labor are concerns that can complicate any pregnancy. These rapidly occurring changes are often not quickly adaptable for the maternal body, leading to nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and back pain.

To minimize complications, a pregnant woman may need some additional help in the form of chiropractic care. Our Chiropractic care in Tacoma,  can naturally decrease the risk of antepartum and postpartum complications without the use of drugs. Here are five ways through which we can help you.

Prenatal Care Reduces Morning Sickness

Early morning nausea is the most common complaint of the first trimester that is quite difficult to endure. The common reason is the increased level of Beta HCG hormone that is essential for placental survival. However, there are other causes, like heartburn, constipation, or maybe a pinched nerve.

Chiropractic care for pregnancy helps reduce the symptoms of morning sickness. They do so by realigning the spine to release the pressure on internal organs and back muscles. Eventually, the hormones also balance, and thus, leads to reduced nausea and vomiting.

Spinal Events

Pregnancy exerts significant pressure on the spine throughout gestation. The hormonal effects on the spine are maximal by the end of the third trimester. It is the phase where the mother’s body prepares for the baby’s smooth delivery.

At this time, a hormone called “relaxin” is released that relaxes the pelvis and surrounding area’s ligaments and joints.

This effect may exacerbate and result in backache, spine instability, and joint discomfort in some women. Moreover, according to NCBI study, the blood volume increases by 50% during pregnancy. It contributes to water retention in the pelvis, lower back, and hip area, further discomforting.

Another cause is the growing belly which affects the mother’s posture and may misalign the spine.

During pregnancy, seeing a chiropractor reduces the severity of these events. We use safe methods to help deal with different types of backache. We can also reverse the spinal problems arising because of poor posture to provide relief from back pain.

Uneventful Labor

The labor becomes quick, shorter, and less painful with our regular guidance throughout the pregnancy. Regular chiropractic adjustments help the mother’s spine, pelvis, and hip bones adjust. It establishes pelvic balance so that the risk to the baby and maternal complications decreases during delivery.

Nerve conduction mediates the cervical dilatation and uterine contractions. So healthy nerves facilitate quick response to shorten the duration of labor. Chiropractic care during pregnancy also allows a natural birth process without any medicine.

Position Of The Baby Within Uterus

The ideal position for uneventful labor and quick delivery is head coming out first.  Sometimes, instead of the head, the baby’s butt or back faces the cervix. 

It causes complications in vaginal delivery such as fetal distress, cord prolapse, prolonged labor, and the risk of delivering through a C-section.

Chiropractic care helps provide optimal baby positioning at the time of delivery. Ideally, women should see a chiropractor more often than usual by the end of the eighth month to avoid these complications.

Healthy Pregnancy Outcome

A healthy pregnancy is where there are no complications and that both mother and baby are safe and sound during and after pregnancy. Chiropractic care supports the spine, essential for the immune system’s optimal functioning and other internal organs.

It facilitates easier labor and delivery of the baby and healthier overall pregnancy. Post-pregnancy chiropractic care ensures support to the mother when the gestational changes reverse.

Tacoma Chiropractic Health Connection clinic helps mothers through and after pregnancy. We use our experience and knowledge to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. 

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