Lower Back Pain Treatment

Dr. Bradley Eyford DC and Dr. Dena Marie Terranova DC

Lower Back Pain Specialist

Back pain is the pain in the cervical spine (neck), thoracic (upper back), or lumbar (lower back) region. Lumbago, another term for lower back pain, means pain around the lumbar spine’s joints and muscles. 

Back Pain is a common complaint experienced by people in almost every age group. As per the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 75 to 85% of Americans experience some form of back pain at least once in a lifetime. 

A common cause for this is the widespread use of gadgets for extended periods, leading to poor posture. As a result, the spinal muscles get exhausted and ache. Usually, the spine’s upper and lower portion pains can be fixed by chiropractic back adjustment.

Fortunately, majority of the cases don’t need surgery for back pain relief. You can treat it with massage therapy and the advice of a chiropractor.

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Symptoms Of Back Pain

Backache is a symptom of an underlying problem, either with the spine or secondary to other diseases. It can be confined to the back or may radiate to the buttocks and legs.

Lower back pain in females is commonly associated with osteoporosis. Depending on the cause, back pain can be accompanied by the following signs and symptoms:

  • Fever, Weight loss
  • Muscle spasms and cramps
  • Pain around ribs and neck
  • Upper back and shoulder pain
  • Joint pain, Stomach pain
  • Leg pain, Constant dull pain

Back pain with complex spine disorders causes numbness, tingling, and pain in the lower back and legs. It can also be associated with fecal and urinary incontinence.

Common Causes Of Back Pain

The spine is a vital part of the body that connects the peripheries and the brain. It connects and protects the muscles, ligaments, bones, tendons, and discs supporting the back.

Any issue with any of these structures hurts the spine and causes pain. The lumbar pain can also occur due to some other problems that are not actually within the spine but indirectly involve it.

Poor posture, stress fractures, strain, sprains, improper lifting, and lack of regular exercise are some triggers that cause strain and chronic lower and upper back pains.

The conditions which can lead to back pain include:

  • Back joint dysfunction
  • Muscle spasms, cramping, and stiffness
  • Arthritis, associated with joint pain and burning sensation over the affected area
  • Herniated disc, Ruptured disc
  • Sciatica Scoliosis

When Do You Need Back Pain Treatment?

Lower back pain can cause an absence from work, leading to seeing a back pain specialist. However, these red flags require you to seek immediate advice from a back pain chiropractor:

  • Persistent back pain that increases in intensity
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers or topical pain relievers don’t give any back pain relief
  • Back pain triggers pain in some other body part (referring pain)
  • When pain radiates from the lower back to your legs or from the upper back to your arms

Immediate Back Pain Relief At Home

Few home remedies can provide temporary back pain relief while you wait for your doctor’s appointment. However, these remedies do not offer a complete solution:

  • Reduce activities like twisting and lifting heavy objects that trigger back pain
  • OTC pain relievers such as acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen as topical applications and oral tablets
  • Applying ice-pack over painful areas reduces the pain intensity. Doing little stretches can also soothe the spine and provide some comfort

Only a lower back pain chiropractor conducts a complete checkup to ascertain the root cause of the pain and treat it.

Chiropractic Treatment For Back Pain

Back pain treatment depends upon the underlying root cause, like damaged spinal discs or arthritic joints. Tacoma Chiropractic Health Connection clinic specializes in chiropractic back pain treatment.

Some diagnostic imaging may be advised to find the root cause. The treatment options are discussed once the cause is diagnosed. Back pain treatment plan generally comprises of the following modalities:

The overall goal of treatment is:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduce subluxations
  • Increase range of motion
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Avoid surgeries and complications of medications
  • Offer better back pain relief

Long Term Problems Of Untreated Back Pain

Though a common problem, you should not neglect back pain. The pain may be due to improper posture or indicate some serious underlying condition. 

Back pain should be treated immediately, as ignoring back pain for long may lead to the following consequences:

  • Chronic pain and disablements
  • Severe thoracic and lumbar spine pain due to osteoarthritis, atrophy of core back muscles, or degenerative disc disease
  • Treatment delays result in an increased risk for spine surgery

Let Us Help You

Frequently Asked Questions About Lower back pain

What is the best medicine for a backache?

In the era of advanced therapeutic science, many treatment options are available, but the least acceptable option for both the patient and the doctor is surgery. Therefore, alternative treatment options, such as chiropractic treatment, that enhance the strength of the back and fix it manually is a reliable option. OTC pain relievers such as acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen are also suitable for prompt symptomatic relief, but they only provide temporary relief. Again, it all depends on the root cause of the back pain. It is essential to consult a chiropractor in Tacoma for better advice before backache worsens and causes permanent spinal damage.

Should I see a doctor if my back hurts?

Dealing with back pain is difficult; therefore, one should always seek expert advice from a top chiropractic clinic in Tacoma. It is highly recommended to get a consultation from a chiropractor for a complete workup of back pain. With their specialization in treating pain and related disorders, chiropractors can give the best advice and the most suitable option according to the cause of pain.

How many days rest for lower back pain?

Lumbar spine pain, which is lower back pain, can be relieved with bed rest. The optimal duration of this, however, is still not well-established. It can range from two days to two weeks, varying from case to case. Ideally, there should be little activity if prolonged bed rest is suggested to reduce the physiologic drawbacks.

Does Medical Insurance Cover Treatment For Back Pain?

Medical insurance does cover different aspects of back pain treatment, such as chiropractic, surgical, medical, and prescription drugs.

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