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Wellness Care Is Important In Tacoma

Dr. Bradley Eyford DC and Dr. Dena Marie Terranova DC

Wellness Care Specialist

Wellness care means taking care of health. It refers to adopting habits that ensure optimal health status, subdues emotional stress, and reduce risks of ailments. It is vital to achieving wellness, which is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

While considering the sedentary lifestyle, the importance of mobilization and exercising is further highlighted in today’s era. Most notably is the need for healthy spine movement, as it acts as a transit for communication between the brain and the periphery. Any disease of the spine eventually affects the overall health because of the critical nerves passing from it. Our licensed chiropractor in Tacoma helps to maintain a healthy spine through chiropractic treatments.

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How Lifestyle Affects Overall Wellness?

Have you ever wondered why two different people, when diagnosed with a particular condition, progress differently? And similarly, the response to the same treatment is also different? Or why certain disorders present at a younger age in some individuals. And at an older age in others, even when the risk factors are the same for both?

It is because environmental, social, genetic, and nutritional factors greatly influence diseases’ pathogenesis. All these constitute an individual’s lifestyle: where a person resides, the living conditions, the family history, the social and mental well-being, and what they eat.

Following a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle eventually leads to chronic ailments, affecting a person’s overall wellness.

Why We Need Wellness Care?

Tacoma Chiropractic Health Connection clinic helps decrease the burden on the healthcare system. Our deep understanding of many diseases’ pathophysiology has established that pathology occurs not because of a single cause. Many factors play a role in its development and progression.

Wellness care limits the bad habits and triggering factors and, thus, the risk of chronic ailments. It educates people regarding the risk of diseases and morbidity and mortality associated with them. It eventually promotes healthy behaviors that reduce the economic and social burdens to help the nation flourish.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Traditional medicine treats the symptoms, whereas functional medicine directs the treatment towards the disease’s cause.

Functional medicine works on the principle of identifying the cause, separating triggers and exaggerating factors, and then treating them one by one.

It means if you are ill, we will listen to all your complaints in detail to understand what is making you sick.

Once the causes and triggers (like allergens, toxins, stress, poor nutritional balance, and genetics) are separated, we create a personalized care plan that fulfills your medical and dietary needs and makes a healthy balance that cures the disease completely.

What Are The Advantages Of Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine has numerous benefits over traditional therapy which is suggested by our Trusted Tacoma Chiropractor. Some of these are:

  • The doctor’s detailed discussion about the disease gives the patient emotional comfort and satisfaction as the doctor listens to their concerns. This increases compliance with the treatment.
  • It improves the doctor-patient relationship
  • It treats using a holistic approach. The treatment plan addresses all the needs of an individual.
  • Functional medicine does not rely on prescribing a list of drugs for symptomatic improvement. It inherently treats starting with lifestyle modification and then adding medications if necessary.
  • It reduces the risk of debilitating diseases and complications.

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