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The Health Connection is the BEST!

I have been coming to The Health Connection for years now. The atmosphere of a health care facility is set by those at the front desk, and the staff here is amazing. (I have never even seen them look frazzled even when it gets busy.) Janelle has really improved my overall health. She truly listens and addresses your concerns. I was skeptical before I started seeing her, but both of the issues I started seeing her for (digestive and migraines) are no longer really issues.I don't think I could make it through a year of teaching without Megan. Megan is the best massage therapist I have ever seen. I don't know what I did before I started seeing her.
My parents even make appointments at the Health Connection every time they are up from California after I took them for Christmas one year. I strongly recommend The Health Connection!


Thank you!

Thank you Dr. Eyford for adjusting my neck and back... I don't know what I would have done if you weren't there friday as i was in so much pain. I felt so so much better afterwards. You really saved me! The Health Connection team is fantastic!!

Juliette L.

The Best in Tacoma

I would highly recommend The Health Connection!! I am seen for massage & acupuncture which is unbelievable. I am always greeted very professionly by the front desk staff. The environment once you enter the office is very calm, organized and relaxing. I have had these therapies else where but nothing even comes close to Health Connection!!
Definitely deserving of a TEN STAR!! Thank you for having a place to go that is so above the rest!!!

Victoria T.


Very pleased with Janelle and front desk staff. Thanks for the friendliness and competence.

Samantha E.

Massage Therapy

I was very pleased with my first visit. Everyone seemed friendly and my appointment was on time. I will be returning to the Health Connection again in the near future.

Jeannette C.

Great office

THC always is able to get me in quickly, professional, and friendly. They remember my name and I am always greeted with a smile at the front desk. I live in Spanaway and it is kind of a drive, but I keep going back because of the wonderful people who work there.

Dani B

massage therapy

I was referred for massage due to chronic headaches. I chose the Health Connection because my husband works in the health care industry and heard that they were good. It's amazing how stress in your neck and shoulders can translate into headache pain. Health Connection staff is amazing and the massage therapy has been a blessing. They are nice, on time, make connections with their patients, and are flat out GOOD! Thanks.

Kimberly L.

Happy Camper!

Dr. Eyford and staff never fail to send me back out into the world in much better shape than when I arrived at their office. Many thanks!


Adjustment w/ Dr. Brad and Massage w/ Amy

Awesomeness abounds. Nice people. Great services (both adjustment and massage). Really appreciate not only the services provided, but also the office professionals, Dr. Brad, and the massage therapists (Amy, Leah, and all the others I've used) because they treat you like someone they truly want to know and help. Health Connection Rock!


A to Z team management and customer service

The Health Connection is one of my best experience in clinical services. Since the moment I started my treatment it was easy to set up appointments, change as needed , reminders on time, it don't matter who was at the front desk, they all treat you the same. You are welcomed with a smile, your waiting period is short, almost perfect. Dr. Eyford is busy, but still have the time for a chat with you. I has been treated for 5 months on regular basis, so i recommend it to however who want to be pamper.


Caring & Professional

I love the way you all work together to treat clients with the utmost consideration.


Amazing and Affordable

The Health Connection in Tacoma is an amazing and affordable place to relax and get quality treatment, honestly one of the best massages I've ever had (and let me tell you, I'm a huge fan of professional massages). The staff is friendly and treats their clients extremely well.

Alex C.

No More Sleepless Nights

I went here because my neck was killing me. Like seriously killing me. After many sleepless nights I went here for help. The office is very nice and clean and the staff is super nice and friendly. They offer massage, acupuncture and chiropractic services. My first visit consisted of xrays and a consultation with a adjustment. That night Dr Eyford called to see how I was doing after my adjustment. Now that is a Dr that cares in my opinion. After 4 treatments I am feeling 90 percent back to normal and I am going to continue going until I am feeling 100 percent. If you want relief and you don't want to take pills that are not going to fix a problem I recommend going here!

Jen F.

My Family Chiropractor

My family and I have been going to the Health Connecton since shortly after they first opened 5 years ago. My son was 10 months old at the time and I was pregnant with my second child. I was concerned about autism issues with him and she made me feel like she cared. Not only was she an instumental part in his care I know she played a part in my picture perfect laboring experience. Both of my children LOVE going to the Health Connection and I will continue to recommend them to my friends.

Debbie M.

LOVE The Health Connection!

The doctors and staff at The Health Connection are amazing. I highly recommend this business! I initially went in for a massage and one amazing therapists suggested I get checked by the doctor also because she sensed some misalignments of my spine. After seeing the doctor for two adjustments my nagging hip pain was gone! I now go for maintenance care on a monthly basis and have been symptom free for almost one year! The staff is helpful and friendly and I always leave feeling great!

Sheila R.

Always Friendly and Professional

I can't say enough wonderful words about this office. I have been to many chiropractors before and this one is hands down the best. Jenny & Ashley at the front desk are amazing -always a friendly & professional. From the minute we walk in the door to the second we walk out everyone is so nice. My kids have been going there since I was pregnant with my youngest, and now that they are 4 & 5 they still LOVE going. I don't know if it has anything to do with the organic lollipops but we all feel so much better when we leave. I can't thank Dr. Shannon enough for her professional opinions and helping me along my journey with my son's autism.


I am a convert!

I went from NO to Chiropractors to YES-this is great!! I feel like a new person since I began chiropractic care at The Health Connection. When I finally decided to give it a try, I was in lots of pain from my feet to my knees to my hip and finally my neck and right shoulder. I was convinced I had re-torn my rotator cuff in my shoulder. After just one treatment, my shoulder did not hurt anymore (it wasn't my rotator cuff at all) and my hip didn't give me spasms anymore. Each visit I was progressively improving! And to think I thought chiropractic care was bad.
I was raised believing that chiropractic care was bad for the body. My mother was a nurse/office manager her entire career for an Orthopedic Clinic and she was always preaching about how chiropractors were not "real doctors" and they caused more damage than not. Of course I believed my mom. I was born with flat feet and pronation which became a real problem about 10 years ago when I was playing on a softball team and got plantar fasciitis in both feet and knee injuries. That began my journey through visiting several Podiatrist and trying many kinds of orthotics only to have them help a tiny bit but overall result was pain in feet and radiating up. I had also torn my rotator cuff several years ago and ended up having surgery to repair that. I was really scared when my right shoulder started hurting again about six months ago as I was sure I had reinjured myself. Boy was I relieved when the pain was gone after my first treatment. It's really amazing how realigning the body alleviates so many aches and pains. I have renewed energy, am sleeping better and actually back to my original height! I now understand the importance of taking care of the body with regular chiropractic care. I recommend The Health Connection to everyone I know.


Extremely Satisfied

I could not be more pleased with the level of service and professionalism- I have used their chiropractic (both adult and children), acupuncture and massage and have been extremely satisfied with it all. The front desk staff is always so cheerful and polite, the office is clean and child friendly. So thankful that we have such a great place in the area. Dr Brad and his staff are amazing! Don't hesitate to try them out, you won't be disappointed.



I am so thankful that I discovered The Health Connection! The staff is knowledgeable and so helpful! I was fairly unsure about Chiropractic care before I went to Dr Eyford. Now I am SOLD! Dr. Eyford took the time to answer my questions and never pushed care that was not needed. The entire staff encourages a holistic approach to your health. Definitely a wonderful place to take care of yourself!


Always makes me feel welcome

The Health Connection always makes me feel welcome! Everyone is friendly and kind to my husband and me. The office is a calm, polite with a wonderful positive environment.


Feel like myself again!

"I first found out about The Health Connection while in Seattle performing Bio Metric scans at a health fair. I met an acupuncturist who recommended that I see Janelle Bartow. At first I was hesitant to try acupuncture but after talking with Janelle she put my mind at ease and convinced me to try a 3 needle placement. I had been suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia associated with insomnia for about 10 years. In the beginning of my treatments I felt as if I was taking one step forward and two steps back. After one year of being treated, I finally feel like myself again. I now have rejuvenation of mind and spirit. I enjoy everyone at The Health Connection with their positive attitudes, and feel that they take the time to listen and care for my needs. I have recommended many friends and family to The Health Connection and will continue for many years to come."



When our daughter was born six years ago with serious medical issues the doctors and staff performed miracles to increase our daughter's visual acuity. However, with many surgeries and several infections, our daughter developed severe asthma and allergies. Every day we routinely gave our daughter steroids, inhalers and allergy medicine. She spent many days unable to play outside, run around with her friends or sleep through a night without waking up to a coughing attack. One of our close family members told us about some people she knew who were being treated by Dr. Brad and Shannon to help their children with their asthma and allergies.

At first, we were unsure of sending our daughter to someone who "cracks" your back. However, on our fist visit, Dr. Shannon explained how all of the nerve endings are connected to your spine. After Dr. Shannon ran some of her first tests, it indicated that our daughter's back was not aligned in the area where the lungs are controlled.

After the first week of adjustments our daughter was able to take a deep breath in without coughing. Over the course of two months, we were able to slowly take her off of her allergy and asthma medications.

It has been seven months now since our daughter has stopped taking her allergy and asthma medications. She is able to be a normal child running, dancing, and playing. We are so very thankful for the services that Dr. Brad and Shannon offered to our family. It has truly changed our daughter's life.

Thank you again for everything you have done for our family.

T and K W.

Great family of Doctors and staff

The doctors and staff at the health connection are great! Not only did they help me but my husband as well. I never felt like I was just a weekly appointment I always felt like Dr. Brad was genuinely interested in how I was doing. The front desk staff is always friendly and very on top of things. I will and have continued to recommend this business to anyone who is in need of such a service.‎


Its so true that they say after your worst day comes your best, but my worst day ever turned into my best day ever thanks to my amazing chiropractor Brad Eyford at The Health Connection. He fixed my wrists: I can't believe it:) What an amazing gift to be able to change lives. Thanks Dr. Brad your my hero for sure!

Jennifer F

Kick my addiction to painkillers

As a child, I never had allergies or asthma. However, 5 years ago, at the age of 32, I found myself with a health challenge that caused me to feel fatigued and congested daily. As well, it began to interfere with my work and family life. I experienced sinus related headaches on a daily basis as well as asthmatic attacks when I was physically active. I am not sure why this started all of a sudden. I do know that after 5 years of suffering, I just couldn't take it anymore. I have 3 children ages 8, 6 and 4. I enjoy my work as an attorney and I love to exercise. When my life as I enjoyed it began to fall apart due to my suffering, I knew it was time to do something about it. I went to my M.D. who refereed me to an allergist. To make a long story short, after thousands of dollars of allergy tests and medication, I was no better than when I began the treatment. I tried nasal sprays and decongestants and nothing seemed to make me better. I was frustrated and depressed and I felt like there was nowhere else to turn. My friend Amy showed me a newsletter called "Relief and Wellness News" that she picked up at The Health Connection

~Amy and Steve

"Baby Bone Cruncher" Connor's Story

My son, now three has been a life-long chiropractic patient since his first appointment at eight days old. My husband and I referred to the chiropractor as "the baby bone-cruncher" as in, "We're going to the baby bone-cruncher whose going to crunch ba-a-aby bones!"

My son enjoys his well-child visits to the chiropractor, as well as accompanying his father and I to our chiropractic adjustments. He understood the benefits of chiropractic well enough at the age of three that one day he demanded to see "the baby bone-cruncher" because his back hurt. He was very insistent that morning and I know I'd never hear the end of it until I called The Health Connection. Fortunately, Dr. Ryan Smith was able to see my son that morning. We made the trek down to Tacoma and I got him checked in. No sooner did we get into the exam room than my three year old son immediately hopped up onto the table and lied face down, still as a log. Dr. Ryan soon came in and examined my son. It turned out that his hips were "off," which would've caused my son's back pain. After the adjustments Dr. Ryan made, my son declared the pain was indeed gone. I was amazed that at the age of three, my son was such a staunch fan of chiropractic care.



The best chiro in town!

The Health Connection is by far the best chiropractic office I have been too. Upon entering the beautiful office, you are greeted by the friendliest office staff. The admins are so welcoming, just as they have known you forever. I first started going when I had sharp back pains, I saw Dr. Bradley Eyford, who easily diagnosed my problem, and with in just a few visits I was 100% better. I have also gotten many massages there as well, Heather is fabulous. The Dr.s make you feel at ease, and take the time to talk with you about your specific needs. There is never a sense of feeling rushed, I have recommended many friends and family to this office, and I will continue to do so! If you need excellent Chiropractic/Massage care, look no further!‎



I love them all

Health goals accomplished

I've been receiving care from the Health Connection for over a year now and I have found them to be kind and efficient. They are exceedingly patient with billing even when the insurance company takes their sweet time. They always try to accommodate any changes to my schedule. Walk ins are welcome but appointments have priority which I love. They are organized, professional, and always make me feel welcome. I been adjusted by both Dr. Smith and Dr. Brad Eyford and I love them both. They want you to be healthy and will partner with you to see that your health goals get accomplished. The massage therapists are amazing and Jeanelle the acupuncturist is fantastic. The clinc in bright and nice to be in and the location is convenient to anyone in the greater Tacoma area. The receptionists are among the most pleasant and thorough that I have come across in a medical clinic. To sum up folks - I love them and I think you would too.‎



Great Doctor

My husband & I have been clients of the Health Connection for about a year and a half. We have experienced excellent professional care in a friendly, personal manner. They make our schedule the priority, appointments or drop-ins could not be more convenient. Their office management and staff are organized, personable, all you could ask for in a business. The variety in both the chiropractors and massage therapists strengthens their business we feel confident and comfortable with any of them and appreciate the diversity it brings to our care. I have and will continue to recommend the Health Connection to anyone, because I truly believe they have their clients' best interests at heart.‎


Only I knew how much I was suffering

When I visited The Health Connection for the first time over 2 years ago, I was very hesitant. I wasn't really certain what chiropractors do and I heard from other people things that made me a bit nervous. I was suffering everyday with headaches, body aches and I was tired all of the time. I had gone to my medical doctor and he referred me to two other specialists who ran thousands of dollars of tests and they repeatedly told me they found nothing wrong. Only I knew just how much I was suffering. I couldn't stay awake at night to feed my children dinner. And I was in too much pain to exercise, which I always loved to do. My friend Beth had been telling me about The Health Connection for month and I put off going until I couldn't take it anymore. On my very first visit, Dr. Eyford performed a couple of tests and told me that the cause of my problems was coming from my spine and that he was certain he could help me to feel better. He also answered all of my questions and eased all of my fears. I finally found a doctor that believed that I was suffering and gave me hope that I would get my life back. After 3 months of regular adjustments 3 times each week, my headaches were down from daily to only 1 a week. My body pains were nearly gone and my energy was better than ever. I actually enjoyed getting up at 6 a.m. and living a full day with my family, full of energy. Today, I am headache free and healthier than ever. I visit Dr. Eyfrod weekly for my wellness adjustment and I bring my family with me. They get adjusted as well because I never want them to suffer like I did. My only regret is that I didn't go sooner.

I thank all of you at The Health Connection for giving me my life back…

~Joanne P.

Speedy Recovery

I have used chiropractic care and massage therapy for ailments my whole life. Before I came to The Health Connection I had many unsatisfactory experiences with other chiropractors in the area and was in the market for a young, professional facility who took initiative action in treatments, instead of making me feel like I was "fast food." Living in the area, I have driven by The Health Connection many times and being at a convenient location I decided to take a chance on your practice, in hopes that I would find a doctor and staff who took the time to really care about me and my health. Through my life I had been through a series of accidents which had limited my abilities to play certain sports. While seeing your staff and doctors I had realized that this was a medical facility who actually took time to care for patients. After a series of treatments with the doctors and massage therapists my head aches had subsided and I had great improvements in my digestion. I also noticed that a speedy recovery on my extremity issues and now can play basketball again with hardly any problems. I love that you have a young and friendly staff who take the time to attend to the needs of their patients. I have many friends and family who love coming to your office and have referred many and will continue to do so for years to come.


Sold on the results of acupuncture

The staff at The Health Connection are some of the kindest people on the face of the planet. I started seeing Janelle Bartow for acupuncture last year, a co-worker referred me after informing me that I was talking so fast, I sounded like a crazy woman! At the time, I was full of stress and had difficulty sleeping through the night. After a few sessions with Janelle, I noticed the tightness in my chest subsiding and I was able to get some of the best sleep I'd had in months! Needless to say, I was sold on Janelle's ability and the results of acupuncture.

The Health Connection team is sincere and authentic in their efforts to care for you. They provide effective treatments that focus on the source of your discomfort. I am so happy with my experience.



Dr. Brad Eyford

Thank you for devoting time out of your hectic schedule to provide the Tacoma Public School Administrators with very practical information. The administrators that attended Fridays lecture felt it was well worth their time and gained considerable knowledge on back health. Providentially, as a society we are constantly provided with information pertaining to fitness and nutrition, unfortunately very little information is provided on proper posture and muscular symmetry. I believe because of this fact, people were very interested to gain greater knowledge in this area. You did an exceptional job providing information that is not generally discussed or easily accessible.
Your demeanor was excellent, they laughed and they learned. What more can anyone ask for during a presentation? As we all know work can be stressful and at time monotonous. Your ability to combine comical story telling with relevant information was a perfect combination to relieve stress during the working hours.

William S.
Wellness/Fitness Specialist
Tacoma Public Schools

Dear "Health Connection Staff,"

Since coming to your office (which I was referred to) in April of 07, I have gotten to experience firsthand what a real well rounded team and Chiropractic office is really like. Starting with Jenny and the other front desk staff as well as the Best Chiropractic Doctors I have ever been to, Drs Brad and Shannon Eyford and the team of Acupuncturist Janelle and Kampol, I have really seen the real commitment you all have to a patients well being. You treat the mind, body and soul. I needed and wanted to you all to know how much I appreciate you while on my personal journey in finding "wellness"! Thanks so much!!!

Sincerely your patient and new friend!
Nancy B.

I was the first patient at The Health Connection and I cannot say enough good things about everyone who works there. I had been in a rear end collision in late February 2005. I didn't know it at the time but I was a month pregnant. By April I was having muscle spasms that would completely incapacitate me. I found Dr.Eyford's phone number online for Pediatric Chiropractors. When I called Shannon she told me to come in that day and get adjusted. With the help of Brad, Shannon, Kampo and the many massage therapists; I actually had days that were pain free and smiling again. Since I was pregnant, my body was not healing like it normally would. Without The Health Connection I would not have healed at all.
Unfortunately a month after I gave birth to my son we were rear ended again. This time was much worse that the first, not only for me but the fact that my one month old son was in the car terrified me. I went from the hospital to The Health Connection to see Brad. He checked out my son and me, he assessed our injuries and began to treat us. Now three months later, my son has nearly recovered from that very traumatic experience and I am on my way to recovery. Without the help and understanding of the warm staff at The Health Connection my family would not be as healthy as we are. Accident or not, I will be a life long patient at The Health Connection. Not only for the benefit for my body and health but for the close relationships I have made with everyone there.


As a healthy, active woman I am aware of overall wellness. On May 19, I experienced a huge neck pain that was unique to me. I call The Health Connection because of the many back muscles scans open to patients.
Once meeting Dr. Brad, I was educated on this importance balance of chiropractic care of part of my prevention protocol. Within 24 hours, I have received relief. Now on a protocol with Chiropractic and my DNA Gene GNP Nutritional program from optimal wellness.


Super Blessed

Thank you guys for having that party with the different baby wraps. My wife was super blessed by it. The two carriers she bought have been fun. My almost two year old loves the ergo carrier and we've pretty much gotten rid of our stroller now because all she wants is to ride in the ergo. Also, another side benefit of the ergo is, she has become way more cuddly since we've been carrying her around on our backs! It's the best.

Josh R.


When my daughter Daniela was diagnosed with scoliosis one year ago, I felt that the treatment options currently being offered by the medical doctors were not satisfactory. After researching many other methods, I felt that chiropractic would be the best, long-term option for Daniela. This is when I contacted Dr. Shannon Eyford. From the very beginning I was impressed with Dr. Shannon and her fine staff. Dr. Shannon answered every question and concern that I had and Daniela began her care at The Health Connection. Her care plan consisted of three visits each week for many months. The most recent set of x-rays taken of Daniela's spine showed that the progression of the scoliosis has not only stopped, the curvature is improving!! What words do I feel best describe the staff at The Health Connection? The words that immediately come to my mind are: high standards, friendly atmosphere, compassion, and good sense of humor. I am convinced that the friendly atmosphere at The Health Connection helps to reduce daily stress that is felt by many patients. This friendly atmosphere is so "infectious" that many good friendships have developed among many patients. I am so very grateful to the doctors and staff at The Health Connection for the wonderful care they have given Daniela. With your help, Daniela has been spared from having to wear a brace and as well from a potentially very dangerous surgery.

~Anita D.

Get to the root of the problem not mask it

For two years I had severe headaches that occurred about every other day and debilitated me. I had the common symptoms like being light headed and having sensitivity to light and sound. Walking was painful; every step felt like someone was pounding my head with a hammer. I couldn't leave the house; I missed work and social events. My whole life revolved around my headaches. I had been to medical doctors that offered nothing but medication. Medication was not an option. I wanted to get to the root of the problem not mask it.

My best friend and family began to notice how I had changed and that I was not happy. My best friend Christine told me how she was seeing a chiropractor for health and wellness. She noted that Chiropractic was beneficial for many reasons, including relief of headaches. She told me how she always got great results and so she recommended that I come see Dr. Eyford. At first I was uneducated and I wondered how much a chiropractor could help with my headaches. After doing some research, I decided to give chiropractic a try. I had nothing left to lose. I knew that I wasn't going to rely on medication, so I made an appointment to see Dr. Eyford.

My first appointment was an awesome experience; the staff was very friendly and welcoming. Everyone made sure that I understood what was going to happen throughout my treatment. The best experience that I receive from The Health Connection was that after my second visit my headaches went away. I can not express enough how chiropractic has helped me. Until you have experienced the painful headache that I did and lived the way I did, you may not understand the impact that this has had on my life. I have to say I love life now and feel great about my decision to see Dr. Eyford. Now my whole family gets treatment from Brad and Shannon Eyford for spinal maintenance and overall wellness.

Thank you Dr. Eyford!!

~Sara K.

Truly made a difference in my life

I have been suffering with asthma for most of my life, almost 30 years. I experience asthma attacks at least twice each month. I have come to accept it because doctors have consistently told me that I simply have to learn to live with it. When I would get an attack, I would take the necessary medications to feel better, but it was only temporary, until the next time. There seemed to be no hope for a full recovery and a normal life for me. As a child, this was devastating. I couldn't take part in many school activities because I was fearful of the consequences. I was embraced to have to use my inhaler in from of all my friends. It became a real incontinence in my life; however I got used to it as I grew older. Four month ago I experience a neck injury and y friend Dan referred me to his chiropractor, Dr. Eyford. I was a little hesitant to go because I had never been to a chiropractor before and I knew nothing about chiropractic. The pain was so severe that I decided to go so that I could feel better. I had lots of questions and I wasn't really sure how chiropractic would help. On my first visits, Dr. Eyford made me feel so comfortable and welcome in the office. All of my questions were answered. By the time my exam was complete, I knew I was in the right place. What really changed my life however was the Dr. Eyford told me that the injured nerves that are causing my neck pain also control my breathing abilities. He also explained that when my spine and nerves were healthy again, my breathing may improve as well. Needless to say, I have been getting adjustments three times each week for the past three months and I have not had an asthma attack since. Oh, my neck pain is better too. I can't believe that I suffered needlessly for 30 years and none of my doctors recommended I see a chiropractor. Dr. Eyford has truly made a difference in my life and now I can share chiropractic with everyone I know. I am truly grateful! Thank you!

-Dave F.

How Dr. Eyford Saved Our Daughter's Life When the Medical Doctors Quit

Our oldest daughter, Courtney, was going into her senior year in high school (a stressful time under the best of circumstances), but in our case an absolute nightmare. Courtney was, and is, a highly motivated young woman – at the top of her class academically, the editor of the school yearbook and a highly successful varsity athlete – having been chosen for the U.S. Olympic Team Field Hockey Futures Program. Her dream to be able to attend one of the top colleges in the country appeared anything but unrealistic…until two serious, freak athletic accidents occurred. During her junior year, Courtney has a head-on collision with the team's goalie. The doctors determined that Courtney had sustained a concussion and she was hospitalized for a short period. In time, things fortunately returned to normal. Courtney then attended an advanced field hockey clinic in Massachusetts. During on the drills, she has another head-on collision and this one, less that a year after the first, was totally debilitating. Again, she was hospitalized with a concussion – with burning, radiating pain emanating from her neck that caused headaches for severe that she could not lift her head or tolerate light or noise. She was treated by the best known doctors, neurologists, psychologists and physical therapist available and subjected to countless CAT scans, MRI's and an ever increasing regimen of ever more powerful drugs (with terrifying side-effects). Nothing worked. By November, three months after the accident, the head neurologist – a renowned pain specialist, told us that there was nothing more that could be done medically. At that point, in light of the chronic burning, radiating pain in Courtney's nick, I asked the doctor if it was possible that her neck was out of alignment causing pressure on nerves. The doctor because indignant and said, "If you are asking my opinion about using a chiropractor or osteopath I can't say that you shouldn't and won't' say that you should!" The next morning, I called Dr. Eyford. When we arrived that morning, Dr. Eyford examined Courtney and took x-rays. As we anticipated, Courtney's neck vertebrae were severly out of alignment. Dr. Eyford gave Courtney an adjustment and she was immediately relieved of the headache, albeit for just a few hours, but for the first time in 3 months! We took Courtney for adjustments twice daily for month and eliminated those terrible drugs. Courtney ended up graduating with her class and with honors! She attended one of the most selective colleges in the country and is now a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University.

Dr. Eyford, and the wonders of chiropractic, truly did save a life!... and we will forever be grateful.

Courntey and Debbie H.

Very Accommodating

Great and knowledgeable staff. The combination of chiropractic and massage is just what I needed to manage my neck and shoulder pain. It helps that everyone there is really friendly - they make me feel welcome, and they are very accommodating to my scheduling needs.



The best! The entire staff is sweet, knowledgeable, and friendly. They truly care about your health, and for you as a person. Clean, quiet atmosphere. I have never had to wait more than 3 minutes to see the Dr. These guys are very efficient, but always have time to talk if you have questions or concerns. A+++++


Go Here

More of the same! this place is great. I have used them for my back issues and also massage. If you are an athlete, go here. Its that simple.


High Quality of Service

I like the high quality of service from everyone.



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  • "Thank you!
    Thank you Dr. Eyford for adjusting my neck and back... I don't know what I would have done if you weren't there friday as i was in so much pain. I felt so so much better afterwards. You really saved me! The Health Connection team is fantastic!!"
    Juliette L.
  • "The Best in Tacoma
    I would highly recommend The Health Connection!! I am seen for massage & acupuncture which is unbelievable. I am always greeted very professionly by the front desk staff. The environment once you enter the office is very calm, organized and relaxing. I have had these therapies else where but nothing even comes close to Health Connection!!
    Definitely deserving of a TEN STAR!! Thank you for having a place to go that is so above the rest!!!"
    Victoria T.
  • "Acupuncture
    Very pleased with Janelle and front desk staff. Thanks for the friendliness and competence."
    Samantha E.
  • "Massage Therapy
    I was very pleased with my first visit. Everyone seemed friendly and my appointment was on time. I will be returning to the Health Connection again in the near future."
    Jeannette C.

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