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What is Spinal Decompression?

Non-Surgical Spinal DecompressionIn house Decompression

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is a non-invasive treatment for patients who suffer from neck and back problems. A decompression treatment slowly and gently lengthens or releases pressure in the spine through repetitive movements by a customized treatment table. The table pulls and releases, creating a pressure change within the invertebral disc, surrounding soft tissue, and joints. This pressure change allows the disc bulges or herniations and nutrients to be pulled back into the disc. Rehydration of the disc and surrounding structures creates a physiological change which assists the body’s natural healing process. Patients typically experience significant improvement within 20-25 treatments. Research suggests that continued improvement is seen up to four years following decompression treatment program.

A Spinal Decompression Table Has Two Main Goals:

  1. Create a negative intradiscal pressure to promote retraction or repositioning of the herniated or bulging disc material.
  2. Create a lower pressure in the disc that will cause an influx of healing nutrients and other substances into the disc.

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